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baukjepasweb2               baukje spaltro  artist


Trying to understand the world (civilization) I live in, I paint my surroundings and things I perceive. I want to catch time and place into a painted panorama. I use the Panorama as a witness of time, place, community or identity. The Panorama like a colored abstraction of the world around me. Color determines the identity of the image. I paint metaphorical Panoramas in series, each time from another perspective. The world of man: as a heritage, as a build city, as nature, colorfield or ideology (sphere).

Since 2015 I'm working on my paintingproject CITY SPHERES. In this I show the Genius Loci, the spirit of an European urban area. Through color and abstract figuration I want to capture the invisible elements of the urban sphere. Here more about it.


CITY SPHERES    june 2015 - june 2017

Painting project in Den Helder, Amsterdam Bijlmer, Berlin, Milan and Turku. About the Genius Loci, 'the spirit' of European city areas.      Information about the project here.                                                     City Sphere Bijlmer CIVIC PRIDE is showed at CBK zuidoost              3 nov.-10dec. 2016         CBKzuidoost







OPEN STAL       23 july - 21 august 2016

INCANTO series in a solo presentation at Hotel Lunia, during the annual art manifestation Open Stal (Oldeberkoop-NL).                      www.openstal.nl and soon more info under expositions.



incanto crop



I try to experience what the canvas wants to reveal     vimeo

A filmed impression of the SPHERES series, by Inge Willems.          Film is Dutch spoken and with English subtitels. ca. 9 minutes

Click here to see it   


SPHERES vimeo crop


H-LAB artist in residency   february 2016

In 28 days creating the second city sphere: CITY SPHERE BIJLMER. Open Studio 28 february 2015 between 12:00 - 18:00 hours, at H-LAB: Heesterveld 71, Amsterdam Zuidoost (metro Bullewijk).                   Official show 3 november- 10 december 2016 CBK Zuidoost 


Heesterveld index


MULTI SOLO SIZE MATTERS, Enschede    3 dec. 2015 - 7 feb. 2016

Anonymus drawings and paintings of 100 Dutch artists.                    Only size A6 or A3 at TETEM Enschede (NL). Curated by We Like Art. TETEM and We Like Art





Roberto Zambelli Prize, Perugia (I)         6 dec. 2015 - 10 jan. 2016

My work Yellow Dots Lagoon is selected for the Roberto Zambelli Prize  at the Torre Strozze centro di cultura e arte contemporanea.   Torre Strozzi (Perugia - Italy)



gelel agune

The Asia Culture Centre, Seoul       25 november 2015 - 5 July 2016

THE PROMISED LAND part of the 'Imaging The New Eurasia Project' at the exhibition Here, There, and Everywhere: Eurasian Cities.            You can vote for my work on imaginingneweurasia.org




CACC - Centro Arte Contemporanea Cittadella

Manifestation and Group show  'Oggi √© tutto molto strano' (Today every-thing is very strange. Alice is wondering in Wonderland and her why's).    Centro Arte Contemporanea Cittadella (IT) opening 10 october 2015 finissage 8 november 2015. www.cacc.it   read more


2015-10-10 CACC crop


Group Show BMB    29 august - 10 october 2015

Baukje Spaltro, Marsha Metselaar, Karin Bos, Dorien Plaat,              Sara Vrugt Opening 29 august 2015 between 5 and 7 pm.                ARTIST TALK   26 september between 5 and 7 pm.   read more  





PANORAMA    2 october - 4 november 2015

Panorama paintings by Baukje Spaltro at Ateliers Westerdok.      Artdiner  2 october 2015 at Westerdok 318, Amsterdam  read more




AiR!  Den Nieuwen Helder 16 - 26 june 2015 (till 13 sept. 2015)

My artist in residency at Kunsthal 45, Den Helder (NL). Creating the painted installation Den Nieuwen Helder. A work of hard, soft and spherical panorama's of the city Den Helder. Final AIR! presentation with all artists on 8 september 2015 from 8 till 10 pm.   read more

den helder Leeuw


SPHERES  [ 2011 - 2015 ]

We must focus on the place that people create to be who they are.    The newest series SPHERES is now online. To see clik  here


wit netwerk



HANGEN DOE JE TOCH  you will hang anyway  8 - 31 may 2015

salon with all the members of Arti & Amicitiae   www.arti.nl





DIKKER & THIJS  ART GALLERY     2 march - 15 june 2015

LA DOCE VITA  exhibition Spaltro & van den Akker as ode to good life Opening 19 march 2015 4.00 PM  details


la viata va crop web



SANQUIN  Galerie Joghem      7 march - 27 march 2015

groupshow in honor of curator Bouke Bottelier   details


Isabelle crop




Commission: art project, in graffiti style, in psychiatric Clinic INFORSA Amsterdam (NL). Unveiled 6 november 2014   details


BS hannie



OP REIS  group exhibition about travelling

Op Reis - In Art - Lemmer (NL) 12 july - 24 august 2014
Op Reis - Id Collectief - Hamme (B) 16 november - 21 december 2014





2000 Maniacs! The Big Instant Painting Show

a painting project curated by Lorenza Boisi and Andrea Bruciati           9 -11 october 2014  Art Verona (I)


2000 maniacs vierkant


LABYRINT   3 october 2013 - 30 march 2014

Group exhibition about the Labyrinth and Commenius book.
Meet&Greet 23 02 2014  KEK Labyrinth 22 03 2014 ceramic/food/art Comeniusmuseum Naarden-Vesting (NL)





KEK project    30 november 2013

Project about Art, Food an Ceramics. Creating your own diningplate inpsired by Tuscan art. Amsterdam


KEK blauw bordje baukje



GRENZELOOS (Boundless)   12- 27 october 2013

Salon 2013: Group exhibition without boundries in Arti et Amicitae. Arti is an art-society, founded in 1839 and meetingpoint for visual artists and art-loving members. Arti, Rokin 112, Amsterdam (NL) www.arti.nl


arti 2013


OP REIS   21 april till 16 may 2013

A group exhibition about travelling. Galerie de Ploegh Soest (NL)



CONNECTION   from may 2012

Commission for the INFORSA clinic in Amsterdam (NL). A huge tryptich made in collaboration with patients of two different clinics with 'Connection' as theme.The work is 1.6 x 7.6 meters big.

verbinding crop FCB crop 2
ARTI SALON II   1 - 23 september 2012

Exhibition with work of all the ARTI artist-members, with also one recent work of my latest series SPHERES.
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam (NL).

artisalon II
INCUBATE OPEN SOURCE   10 - 14 september 2012

De Open Source Expo is part of the Incubate Festival. This year the Open Source Expo will take place in the beautiful Koepelhal in the center of Tilburg (NL).

incubate blok
PREMIO COMBAT   22 - 30 june 2012

PREMIO COMBAT PRIZE was born with the purpose of investigating the most interesting ideas in international contemporary art. Show with the nominees at "Museo Civico G. Fattori ex Granai di Villa Mimbelli", Livorno (I).

combat premio finalists
SKETCHIKA   3 - 30 march 2012

A group exhibition about drawing. curated by Daniela Accorsi. Spazio San Giorgio, via San Giorgio 12/A 40121 Bologna (I)

WATER & TEGEN WIND    21 oktober t/m 4 december 2011

Groepstentoonstelling met als thema wind en water.
Opening 4 november om 19.30 uur.
Kunstuitleen Den Helder, Willemsoord, geb. 52a, Den Helder.

BESCHERMEHEILIGEN    1 juli 2011 t/m 1 januari 2012

Museum Comenius: Kloosterstraat 33, 1411 RS Naarden (NL).
Opening vrijdag 1 juli 2011. Meet&Greet 31 juli 2011.

LA LUCE VERDE    24 september t/m 22 oktober 2011

Groepsexpositie over het verblijf en de resultaten van de artists in recidency Montevettolini. Met werk van Baukje Spaltro en Peter van den Akker.                         Galerie BMB, Kerkstraat 127-127, Amsterdam (NL).

bmb logo
INCUBATE OPEN SOURCE   12 t/m 18 september 2011

De Open Source Expo is een onderdeel van het Incubate festival. Faxx-gebouw, Tivolistraat 50, Tilburg.

incubate blok
ARTI SALON 2011   2 t/m 18 september 2011

SALON GOING UP, jaarlijkse presentatie van de Arti leden. Dit jaar zowel in de soci√ęteit als in de tentoonstellignszalen.
Arti et Amicitiae, Rokin 112, 1012 LB Amsterdam.

arti trap
DRAWING THE COAST   juli t/m september 2011

Op uitnodiging van provincie Noord Holland ga ik samen met Stichting NORBAU verhalen uit Noord Hollandse kust ontlokken d.m.v. tekenen.



NIEUWE UITLEENSCHATTEN     12 - 25 august 2011

CBK GRONINGEN  in the AA-kerk, Groningen (NL)



Co-Creation Module

Drawing Dialogue and other drawing application for creating groups. Training and creating traject to learn to create together.

huisjes co-creatie