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Our current society is about group formation, lifestyle, marketing. It's fast, casual and consists of several Spheres: bubbles, temporary identities, networks of connectivity. Sometimes you feel you are inside the network and another time you are excluded.


Spheres are not anchored spots, but fleeting places. Personal creations and relationships that express an atmosphere through colours and boundaries. They are about appearance, perception and believe.


The Sphere interpret a temporary thought, mood or identity of persons (individual / group / society).
A Sphere is visible in a conversation, a situation or intimate moment between people.


The colour determines the atmosphere, it provokes a visual identity and appearance to a situation.


My work is about scintillating colour, abstraction and figuration. The Panorama as coloured abstraction of the own perceived reality and showed by figuration. Colour determines the identity and spirit of the image.
When colour shimmers it creates depth and meaning, the image is tangible.


Spheres has its own colour palette of (neon)green and violet. A colour choice that doesn't match but
seduces the viewer to look longer.


In each series I examine the theme PANORAMA from different angles. The human world: as city, as nature or belief or atmosphere. Spheres (2012-15) is about the 'atmosphere' as a personal panorama, a coloured network as (temporary) identity.


I created Spheres during the reading of the trilogy Sferen of Peter Sloterdijk.



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